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semi pu leather 27-fgt8spr-3 for decoration upholstery wall ornament

product name: semi pu leather 27-fgt8spr-3 for decoration upholstery wall ornament

brand: myflygo

item no: FGT8SPR-3

color: blue color paradise green san Francisco


width: 140cm

base: brown imitation cotton flannel

Note: 1,If you need other colors, patterns, thickness, base or other physical requirement, it can be customized according to your sample.

2,Because of the shooting angle, light, display, etc., the pictures of leather could appear grain wrong, color difference etc.. Please confirm the color, grain, hand feeling according to the actual pattern making.


Soft feeling, high resilience, special wax treatment on the surface, clear patterns. So the semi pu leather look like the excellent real leather with high physical properties: high durability, fold resistance, aging resistance, moisture-proof, prefect color fastness in line with EU EN71-3/RoHs standards. For the products requirement, we can customize the more properties of fire proof, cold resistance, antifouling, anti-bacteria, mould proof, anion and other physical properties.

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