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semi pu imitation leather 4-fgt8ev138-5 for garment clothes

product name: semi pu imitation leather 4-fgt8ev138-5 for garment clothes

brand: myflygo

item no: FGT8EV138-5

color: red green blue brown orange yellow apricot bright pearl grey  

thickness: 0.8mm—1.6mm

width: 140cm

base: 75D white mesh F cloth  

Note: 1,If you need other colors, patterns, thickness, base or other physical requirement, it can be customized according to your sample.

2,Because of the shooting angle, light, display, etc., the pictures of leather could appear grain wrong, color difference etc.. Please confirm the color, grain, hand feeling according to the actual pattern making.


Soft elastic, strong hand feeling, pearl surface bright, clear grain, durable, folding resistance, moisture-proof, heat-resisting, anti aging, non-fading, in line with European EN-3/RoHS standards. According to the usage of leather,  we can increase the demand of fireproof, cold-resistant, antifouling, anti-bacteria, anion and other requirements of EU REACH  153 regulations.  It is recommended for all upholstery applications, bags, packaging etc.

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