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The Status Quo of the Leather Industry

1. Artificial leather jackets export demand is affected by the main export market, weak external demand and enterprise production cost increase, garment leather international comparative advantage weakened and other factors. In 2016 China's leather for garments main leather industry exports $76 billion 400 million, down 11.3%. Among them, the United States as the industry's largest export target market, in 2016, garment leather suppliers, China's leather industry main exports to the United States dropped 15%, again falling exports to the United States artificial leather cloth which is the PVC leather jacket industry in 2008 after the financial crisis.

artificial leather

2. Synthetic leather jacket labor cost increase. PU leather coat cost of raw material is mainly the cost structure of the artificial leather industry. The leather coats for women artificial leather enterprises, high labor costs, rising costs of raw materials, pleather clothing will have a profound impact on the core competitiveness of enterprises polyester leather jacket.

3. Serious product homogenization. The current luggage leather artificial leather industry is in fierce competition. Homogenization is not conducive to consumer identification, no features, no difference. Some PU leather case well-known brands are competitive, but still need to brown faux leather fabric brand building and products, services upgrade. The brand awareness is not high in the artificial leather industry, so it is inevitable for synthetic leather manufacturers to carry out brutal price war. The market outlook is not optimistic.

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