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The Bag leather that USES is absolutely not to ignore! No longer buy shoddy goods!

A lot of female friends and even male friends like to carry a fashionable bag with personal charm. A mature leather bag, but you know the bag is also very exquisite in the material? Pick bags you need to pay attention to refuse bad luggage leather materials, away from the inferior package!

luggage leather

1) A microfiber leather, environofiber PU leather case

In the market, under 20 USD, we can basically say that they are made of microfiber brown faux leather fabric, PU leather, two layers of leather. A smooth texture just covers the surface of the rubber film, seemingly flawless, but comfort experience is poor, quality is very low, and not environmental. The reasons are as follows.

a) due to the surface coating, poor permeability, it is easy to form in the summer sweat at back and buttocks.

b) easy to fade, the surface film and leather used to a certain length of time, will fall off, defective glance.

c) easy to break, winter temperature is low, increasingly hardening, which makes broken. Cow leather has no such defect.

2)  full grain leather

It is made from superior leather, synthetic leather manufacturers processing of raw materials with less disability grain kept on intact natural state. The coating is thin, can show the beauty of the skin, wear resistance, good air permeability; all green is the wet blue leather melted for staining, refused to chemicals too much, so the skin can clearly see the fine pores, the sense of reality, the permeability is excellent, the price is the most expensive in the cortex species, but you not in the tanning process is complicated and chemical materials, but in the thick skin quality, the difference all green and ordinary skin that must be chosen in captive selection embryo, and castrated male cattle, because the bull skin comparison of fibrous tissue density, and painting the larger, the most important thing is to make the garment leather surface less captive, scar, is the best choice of high-grade leather, followed by manufacturing, the overall effect is more noble and elegant. Disadvantages of artificial leather material jackets are obvious: concavity obvious, slightly rough surface.

3)  the first layer of oil cured cowhide

Pure natural cowhide, oil wax is a kind of leather for garments surface treatment process, is the wax liquid heating into the leather, make the cortex become flexible, color depth, water resistance strengthening! Suitable for high-end bags, slightly retro art taste. garment leather suppliers cut a piece of oil wax and a piece of embossed leather and two drops of water dripping up oil wax can be found quickly to drain the water, embossed leather water won't go down, because the sealing surface of embossed PVC leather jacket, has been completely airtight. Disadvantages are easy to scratch, it needs taking good care.

From the above point of view, if you often change bags, but also like to go out, carrying a bag of friends, it is recommended to buy the first layer of oil, wax, leather bags. Going out on the outside and exposed to the weather is OK, regardless of how to use the skin damage rate can not be reduced. full grain leather texture and style are very popular with young men and women for love, prices also in the acceptable scope. If you often travel in the workplace, nightclubs, high-end places,  it is recommended to consider the full grain leather. As long as paying usual attention to maintenance, I believe that the frequency of replacement package is not very fast!

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