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Leather industry has a new discovery, pineapple products almost want to replace leather?

Leather products has been a criticized industry by vegetarian and animal rights activists. Not only because it is cruel process to kill animal, but also because the manufacturing process must add many chemical agents, organic solvents and paints, which poisons the human body and the organic environment. The pollution of high concentration waste water is difficult to be decomposed by microorganisms.

The British Royal College Dr. CarmenHijosa invented a kind of "plant leather". Its texture and durability are not really inferior to real leather. What is more, the raw materials is not noble rare plants, but from pineapple, the familiar fruit.

Dr. CarmenHijosa has15 years experience in the leather industry. She was invited to Philippines local  leather export factory to find the  low leather quality, poor working conditions, serious environmental pollution, so the suggests that why don’t local industry develop other fiber. In particular, Philippines has a variety of natural fibers. So she was devoted to invest in the research since then.

After a few attempts, finally did Dr. CarmenHijosa find the pineapple leaf fiber is very strong. It’s very suitable for making nonwoven mesh material. After 5 years’ research, she developed a kind of leather, which is named “Piñatex™”.  Piña is pineapple in Spanish. This fiber is able to act as leather after waxed. It also presents a very luxurious texture.

Dr. CarmenHijosa said, Piñatex can be made into shoes, luggage, chairs, sofas and so on. Finally, it can be made into the lining of the car. Pineapple leather is able to make leather clothes, leather shoes, leather bags, leather sofa, fabric, many giant brand such as Puma, Camper, AllyCapellino are engage in the product investment. In the future, the company will take this process to other regions, in order to inject fresh water into the sustainable rural economy.

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