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[Environmental Protection] Tanning Pollution Really Rumors So Terrible?

--The man impressed everyone with his original opinion!

For a long time, the leather industry has been put on "high pollution" hats, and many regions have adopted high-pressure policies to restrict or even prohibit its development. This kind of knowledge has a great negative effect on the development of leather vegan leather furniture. Deputy director of Chinese Leather Association before long Li Yuzhong in an interview with reporters, with five reasons to refute the "pollution theory" and Li Yuzhong guest xinhuanet.com, talked about the development status of Chinese leather industry, and how to expand the local brand market share and development potential.

Talking about the most concerned environmental issues, Li Yuzhong introduced this: "we think the leather industry is a polluting industry. I'd like to say a few more words on this topic.". Leather industry from the classification point of view, by the leather industry, fur industry, footwear industry and leather products industry.

The whole industry is the main pollution in leather industry, leather products like bags belonging to the industry, strictly speaking, fake leather furniture products industry pollution is very small, leather products is mainly through leather processing sewing machine, into a variety of products with real leather shoes and bags, strictly speaking there is pollution, is mainly adhesive."

Li Yuzhong said, there is a professional term called VOC, are volatile organic compounds in English abbreviation. The country attaches great importance to now, following the July 2016 8 ministries and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "key industries VOC reduction action plan" will clear the footwear, synthetic leather, furniture and other 11 industries as an urgent need to speed up the VOCs reduction in key industries, the relevant ministries have a policy on emissions of volatile organic compounds many industries, including the clear requirement of emission reduction.

Mr. Li Yuzhong said: "the general positioning of the pu leather manufacturer as a highly polluting industry is inaccurate and not objective."

Is the leather industry highly polluting? It is seriously distorted!

The general positioning of the leather industry as a highly polluting industry is inaccurate and not objective. We can list 5 reasons. Let’s see what is special.

The first reason: "chromium pollution" has been seriously distorted

For a long time, it has been called tannery pollution, the main culprit is contained in the wastewater of trivalent chromium, chromium that is a carcinogen, "chromium pollution" or even a proper noun in the leather industry, almost to the point of "Chrome" color. And this is the biggest misunderstanding, trivalent chromium is an indispensable element of the human body, just as the body needs sodium, potassium, zinc, calcium. For hundreds of years, people has not found a case of cancer clinical trivalent chromium, even to the environment the most demanding of Germany of trivalent chromium to the public name, "the German labor and labor protection medical center bulletin" clearly pointed out that the trivalent chromium compound is not a carcinogen, nor pathogenic key, cannot cause skin lesions. Trivalent chromium is a key element in the metabolism of sugar and fat and the maintenance of normal functioning of insulin. The lack of trivalent chromium is one of the causes of diabetes.

Second reasons: Leather pollution is not more serious than other industries.

Industrial production is bound to produce pollution, as large as cars, small as food, are contaminated. Data show that the pollution emissions in China 100 polyurethane leather industry accounted for only 1% of the total emissions of industrial wastewater, and the total output value of the leather is the country's total industrial output value of 5%, exports accounted for 4% of the country, in this sense, with 1% of the environmental costs in exchange for 4%~5% social benefits, that is not leather pollution more serious than other industries, in the light industry, ranked in papermaking and food, ranked third, far as "people think the business for the first time" status.

Third reasons: pollution caused by the leather industry is manageable

Li Yuzhong told reporters that the tannery resources are renewable resources, the original skin itself is not harmful, leather industry has pollution, is caused by wastewater generated during processing. This kind of pollution can be dealt with, and with mature technology, it can discharge up to standard. Moreover, the cost of management can be accepted (0.1~0.3 yuan / square foot). At present, a large number of tannery enterprises in China's air leather fabric industry have established a perfect sewage treatment system, and the overall efficiency of tannery wastewater treatment is better.

air leather fabric

Fourth reasons: Italy, Spain and other developed countries leather industry still has a comparative advantage

Italy and Spain are both traditional leather producing countries. The data show that Italy's leather production accounts for about 20% of the world's total output, accounting for 65% of Europe's total output. Spain 2004 leather industry employs more than 101 thousand people, the total industrial output value of 6 billion 240 million euros, accounting for 13% of Spain's GDP. The leather industry in these western developed countries still has a comparative advantage, which brown microfiber couch fully shows that the pollution of leather industry is not terrible.

Fifth reasons: leather industry is precisely in line with the concept of recycling economy, decadent, as a magic industry

The leather industry is the development of animal husbandry products processing using raw hides, and turn it into a brown faux leather material fashion industry, this process can not only avoid the hide of waste and spoilage caused by environmental pollution but also increase its added value, become high-grade raw materials. Therefore, the leather industry from the beginning with the circular economy structure, and can also see the production process, the leather industry based on skin rate can reach more than 90%, can be said to not only comply with the economic cycle, and is a treasure.

Now the country at the government level, the policy level, social supervision level of environmental protection more and more attention, the business really are increasing on the emission and control of sewage, including the front, in the clean production and recycling of investment. The concept of environmental protection in fabric faux leather industry has shrunk, has achieved initial results.

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