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Analysis on the Trend of Chinese Automobile Leather

The Chinese market once paid less attention to the interior decoration soft faux leather fabric, but now the interior decoration has attracted much attention. Whether it's a cart or a car, consumers want to see the stylish, elaborate Vegan Leather Chair interior trim. And there is a clear upward trend in personalized demand. Specific leather type material trends in the following areas:

faux leather fabric

1, Light Color preference

Modern people are in the pursuit of simple atmosphere faux leather material to cover chairs, tired of gorgeous complex colors, light color has slowly attracted people's eyeballs.

With the preference for the appearance of light colored cars, especially the Chinese market for the white appearance of faux leather cover preferences, interior trim tends to be lighter. Light and medium color interior trim is the most popular segment in the luxury car market.

The leather is the preferred choice for light interior decoration based on its abrasion resistance and ease of cleaning. In order to realize the efficient anti-fouling of decorative leather, many companies have specially designed cheap faux leather fabric anti-fouling and easy cleaning finishing processes.

2, Backseat experience

The luxury car market in China pays more attention to details and materials of back seat black faux leather material.

Most luxury car buyers take the majority in the back seat of the car, so polyurethane coated leather have higher demands, such as the legroom, higher comfort, adjustable seats, high-definition television and full leather interior decoration polyurethane fake leather.

To keep the car clean with cloth seat covers on the seat of the practice is widespread in China. With the popularization of leather car seat cover interior decoration in China, users will feel the advantages of leather seats, especially wearable and easy to clean features.

3, Personalized customization

People want their cars to show personal style, taste, and temperament. They hope faux leather PU interior decoration can also like design purses, high-tech watches, I, pad and mobile phones, both design sense, and functionality.

Consumers want to buy a personalized design and superb technology, microfiber leather sofa, with a leather texture of the furniture specially designed color and perforation pattern beautiful novel suture, and the seat is comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer.

The younger generation of China pursues both individuality and fashion, and the interior decoration leather 100 PU material will develop in a personalized way. Providing personalized solutions for DIY is also a long-term goal.

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