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All China Leather Exhibition embraces free trade

2016 is the "anti globalization" from the turbulent undercurrent to turbid monstrous year. As British exit, Trump took office, the Italy constitutional referendum failures and a series of events outbreak. It will usher in Germany and France and other European powers in the election, the party's candidate of anti globalization adjustment once hold high the way ahead, display the banner of free trade in Europe and the United States are urged to implement trade protection. In this round of trade protection tide, China has become hot spot for investment and consumption of power enterprises in the world. All China Leather Exhibition has also become the focus of attention of the world's leather industry. China international leather exhibition will be open to promote free trade, warmly invit leather colleagues around the world gathered in Shanghai to discuss the development plan for the future development of leather industry.

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All China Leather Exhibition is China's most authoritative and the largest exhibition, known as the barometer of the international pu leather industry. In 2017, China Leather Association will continue through the offices and embassies, foreign business associations and media friendly invite international buyers to purchase, and continue to strengthen in the clothing shoes and hats, leather bags, Home Furnishing decoration, car interiors and other professional production base and market promotion. Also, we will strengthen the important procurement organization. The exhibition will also be held various technical seminars and press conferences, will continue to show the leather logo design contest winning entries.

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