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2017 leather logo Cup Chinese international leather fur fabric fashion design contest

2017 "leather logo Cup" leather fur fashion design contest sponsored by the International Association of leather held in Haining leather Museum in February 28, 2017. The competition conforms to the market demand of the industry launched to guide the innovative leather fur garment fabric.

The expert judges from innovation, market transformation, technology, color, texture, and environmental protection, to select independent research and development, on behalf of the Chinese fashion, popular winter clothing market trend to faux leather and fur fabrics 2017/18 prospective guide. In this competition, we selected the winning combination of fabric embossing, cutting, printing and dyeing and other multiple technology, they represent a higher level of technology and more sophisticated product quality, and with the water ripples, and other innovative features of pearl lamb fur fabrics can be recognized by the experts find everything fresh and new, judges, carving, embroidery, weaving methods to draw on the personality pattern represents the trend of personalized clothing.

The award winners and fabric owner enterprises will be carried out in the autumn and winter of 2017/18 Chinese international leather fur design trends static exhibition showcase, leading the trend of raw materials research and development. In this way, enterprises can expand their business, improve the leather and fur raw material innovation and development capabilities, to further promote the technological level of China's leather technological progress.

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