Putian Flygo Trade Co., LTD
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Flygo-High-tech enterprise

The company has obtained the most outstanding peer property advantage, IPR advantageous enterprises in Fujian province (2014.7-2017.7) unit commitment of major projects in Fujian province in 2012, 13th Five-Year the national planning focus on supporting industry, waterborne polyurethane synthetic leather (WPU) solvent free polyurethane synthetic leather (EPU), a major undertaking unit of 2014 in Fuzhou City, regional science and technology projects, antibacterial function nanometer sofa leather. Our company is a high-tech enterprises in Fujian Province, the provincial enterprise technology center, the only decoration Leather Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center in Fujian Province. Also, our company are in cooperation with the Academy of engineering and established academician workstation. In the meantime, we establish the cooperation with Jiangnan University, HeFei University of Technology, Fujian Normal University and many other universities.

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  • TEL:+86 13950702071
  • FAX:+86-0594-2636628
  • EMAILflygo018@fjxingxiang.com
  • ADDRESS:Room 201-203, Building 2, Lijing Plaza, Lihua Road, Putian, Fujian, China