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China Plastics Industry of Light Industry synthetic leather Top Ten Enterprises

On July 2, 2015, Chinese plastics processing industry association of artificial leather synthetic leather Chinese Specialized Committee informed, according to the Federation of light industry (2015) No. 1 Evaluation announcement, the company was awarded as "China plastics industry (artificial leather synthetic leather) top ten enterprises".

On August 27th, it is award medals in Wenzhou, the 2015 China synthetic leather Summit.Our company as the backbone industry in the artificial leather synthetic leather. We have made remarkable achievements in science and technology innovation, industry standards and other fields. The development of excellent performance in natural leather artificial leather synthetic leather products, which are widely used in handbags, luggage, furniture, cars, home furnishing, decoration and other industries, Putian Flygo is deeply trusted by the downstream brands. Putian Flygo service in the leather industry, promote the Chinese artificial leather synthetic leather industry standard internationalization, are willing to achieve brand strategy goal together with more and more enterprises.

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